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Shaman King: Legacy of the Spirits, Sprinting Wolf is a video game based on the renowned Shaman King manga and anime series. The game was released for the (Game Boy Advance) by Konami on February 8, 2005.

Primary information

Within the Sprinting Wolf version of this game, along with Soaring Hawk, an overall Pokémon game style will be present. As like Soaring Hawk, Sprinting Wolf has its own unique set of 88 different spirits that can be captured. Via the link cable is the only way for one to attain, or at least have the ability to play as every spirit. When it comes to the capturing system in this game, it seems that the process is relatively the same as that in Pokémon. An exclusive feature in this game however allows Asakura Yoh himself to gain experience through battle to the extent that he can merge two spirits together. Thus when it comes to the spirits' evolutionary capabilities, a Yu-Gi-Oh! theme is installed - merging two to become one more powerful spirit than having a single spirit become "more powerful" by itself such as in Pokémon. Unfortunately however when it comes to the graphics within Sprinting Wolf, the original Game Boy style graphics seem to be present. Even though Sprinting Wolf is its own game, it seems that the only fact in which it stands as different from Soaring Hawk is through the fact that it has 88 different spirits; meaning that the story and each event will remain the same for each version. However, due to the merging system, around 1000 different unique spirits can be created; a feature standing on its own compared to that of Pokémon.


Gamespot - Sprinting Wolf

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