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Shaman King: Legacy of the Spirits, Soaring Hawk is a video game released on February 8, 2005,by Konami,for the Game Boy Advance. It is based on the Shaman King manga and anime series.

Primary information

Within the Soaring Hawk version of this game, Konami decided to implement some sort of Pokémon style system in which you are to collect various spirits and battle against opponents with them; this feature being influenced by their new bonus feature within Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2. As like Pokémon for the handheld systems, you must buy the other Shaman King GBA incarnation (Sprinting Wolf) if you wish to use all 177 collectible spirits. However, they can only be traded through GBA linking. Due to the fact that Shaman King attained a Pokémon theme, Asakura Yoh's story was altered to make sense for this game, in which it seems to be of complete rivalry. When capturing "wild spirits" in this game, you (as in Pokémon) throw an item known as a mortuary tablet to catch this spirit when its health is at a low level. To win a battle in this game of course you must knock out each of your opponent's spirits that are under his control.

An exclusive feature in this game however allows Asakura Yoh himself to gain experience through battle to the extent that he can merge two spirits together. Thus when it comes to the spirits' evolutionary capabilities, a Yu-Gi-Oh! theme is installed - merging two to become one more powerful spirit than having a single spirit become "more powerful" by itself such as in Pokémon. The linking cable in this game however seems to have great weaknesses, in which you are only allowed to trade spirits between games and are unfortunately not allowed to actually battle against the other system being linked. This game also doesn't seem to have any side quests, resulting in continuous battle. The graphics also seem to be as standard as any other random game, only with seemingly lesser character graphics which seem to reflect the original GB qualities - head making up for the body. Overall, this game is said to be around a 15-hour game, making it rather stand out from Pokémon in this right.


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