Shūsei Nakamura (仲村 秀生, Nakamura Shuusei?), born Hideo Nakamura (仲村 秀男, Nakamura Hideo?) on March 9, 1935, is a retired seiyū. Throughout his career he was represented by 81 Produce and later Production Baobab. He has referred to both Tokyo and Nagano Prefecture as his hometown.

He is most known for the roles of Tohru Riki'ishi (Ashita no Joe) and Daisuke Shima (Space Battleship Yamato). After his retirement, Hideyuki Tanaka took up the role of Daisuke Shima for the PS2 Yamato game series. The role had previously been taken over for the film Final Yamato by Isao Sasaki, but this was before Nakamura's retirement.

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