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Shō Hayami (速水 奨 Hayami Shō?), born Yasushi Ōhama (大濱 靖 Ōhama Yasushi?) (August 2, 1958 -) is a veteran seiyū and singer who was born in Takasago, Hyōgo. He is mainly known for his smooth, deep voice, and he has played a wide range of characters from sweet heroes (Maximilian Jenius) to seductive sociopaths (Aizen Sōsuke and Muraki Kazutaka). He is married to fellow seiyū Rei Igarashi and works for Office Osawa.



  • Yuuga Na Jouken (優雅な条件?) (1992)
  • Liaison (1994)
  • Ordovices (1997)
  • Garnitures (2000)
  • Ren-Sa ~ Chaine (2001)
  • Love Balance (2002)
  • Idee ~ Ima, Boku Ga Omou Koto (2003)
  • Subete Wa Boku Kara Hajimatta (2005)
  • Love Story (2007)


  • Eien No Okusoku (1997)
  • Shadow Maker (1997)
  • Cactus (1997)

Talking Albums

  • Kotoba No Kuukan I (2000)
  • Kotoba No Kuukan II (2001)
  • Kotoba No Kuukan III (2002)
  • Kotoba No Kuukan IV (2007)

Pure Voice Albums

  • Voice ~ Dakara Anata Ni (2008)

Notable voice roles


Video games

Drama CD

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