Sex Warrior Pudding (ファミレス戦士プリン Famiresu Senshi Purin?, lit. "Family Restaurant Warrior Pudding") Japanese manga written and illustrated by Hinoki Kazushi. Shogakukan released the manga's six bound volumes between February 25, 2002 and October 24, 2005.[1][2]

The manga was adapted into a 3-episode erotic original video animation series produced by Milky. Directed by Katsuma Kanazawa, the series was released by Milky between May 25, 2004 and February 25, 2005.[3] The OVA is licensed in English by Hustler Video and JapanAnime.[4]

Reception's Chris Beveridge commends the OVAs for its "good character designs".[5] A later review by Beveridge criticises the OVAs for having the "most unprofessional" subtitling with "at least one scene where there's five or six lines of subtitles on the screen".[6]


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