Sessa Takuma! is a manga series created by Kazuma Kodaka. Originally published in 1989 in Weekly Shōnen Champion, it later was published as a single volume in 1993 by Biblos. This short series is most often cited as Kodaka's breakout series, later spawning its better known and more popular spin-off yaoi series Kizuna: Bonds of Love.


Takuma Ban is the first male heir born to the Ban family of Hokkaido. A carefree and good-natured boy, he travels to Tokyo with his servant Jii and his cow Mary to find himself a beautiful bride to take home with him. Not long after his arrival he literally runs into Yuki Samejima, a freshman in high school, and falls madly in love with her within moments of their meeting.

Declaring that Yuki is the bride he's sought after, Takuma gleefully chases her around with Mary, trying to convince her to go home with him and marry him. What he didn't realize is that Yuki's older brother was Ranmaru Samejima, the head of the kendo club with a fierce attitude to match his pretty features and a sister complex. Declaring no man good enough for Yuki, Ranmaru stops at nothing to thwart Takuma's efforts to win Yuki's heart. All the same, Takuma stops at nothing to win Yuki, and Mary stops at nothing to win Ranmaru.

Sessa Takuma ties into Kizuna very closely. Not only are Kizuna's heroes Ranmaru and Kei Enjouji present (though Enjouji starts off more as a background character), but both Yuki and Takuma appear and are mentioned from time to time in Kizuna. The final story in Sessa Takuma follows Ranmaru and Enjouji years later as the care for Takumi, Yuki and Takuma's baby son,

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