Script error Sekihiko Inui (犬威赤彦 Inui Sekihiko?) is a Japanese manga artist. He is best known for Murder Princess and the manga adaptation of Comic Party, for which latter he drew upon his own experiences as a dōjinshi creator at Comiket.

His Works

(Translated from

  1. Comic Party (5 volumes. issuance of the final volume in March 2005, ISBN 4,840,230,137 ) MediaWorks
  2. MURDER PRINCESS ( 2005年 10月、 ISBN 4840231605 ) メディアワークス PRINCESS Murder ( 2005 Mon 10, ISBN 4840231605 ) MediaWorks
  3. 幻想主義 ( 2006年 4月、 ISBN 4047138126 ) 角川コミックス・エース Fantasy principle ( 2006 Mon 4, ISBN 4,047,138,126 ) Kadokawa Comics Ace
  4. RATMAN ( 月刊少年エース 2007年8月号連載開始) Ratman ( Shōnen Ace series started in August 2007 issue)

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