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Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai (世界でいちばん大嫌い Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai?, lit. I hate You most in the World) also known as I Hate You More Than Anyone is a shōjo manga authored by Banri Hidaka.


Akiyoshi Kazuha is the responsible oldest daughter in a large family. She attends an all-girls high school with her best friend Senko and has a crush on her little brother's kindergarten teacher. During her high school festival, she is shocked when a handsome hairstylist, Sugimoto Maki, who's helping at the festival, makes it obvious that he's interested in her. Complicating matters are Senko's infatuation with Maki, which makes Kazuha feel guilty about her developing feelings. The story also deals with several other relationships in Kazuha and Maki's group of friends.


Note that Kazuha, Maki and Rei are also characters in Hidaka's other manga, V.B Rose.

Main characters

Akiyoshi Kazuha
Eldest daughter (also eldest child) of the Akiyoshi family. She takes care of her five younger siblings while her parents go for work. She's a beautiful girl who gets admiration from many other girls.
Sugimoto Maki
A friend of Mizushima, who seems to be Kazuha's first crush. He says he loves her hair at the first time he has seen her and wishes to do her hair so much. Mizushima, Honjo Tohru and he are best friends, and he is called by the other two of the trio as the most carefree.

Supporting characters

Akiyoshi family

Akiyoshi Chizuru
Eldest son (second child). He's in rebellous age and does something strange.
Akiyoshi Momoka
Second daughter (third child). She usually makes fun of her big sister.
Akiyoshi Tonami
Third daughter (fourth child). Kazuha loves her much and always does as her wish.
Akiyoshi Ichihisa
Second son (fifth child). With Momoka he often fools Kazuha.
Akiyoshi Rei
Third son (sixth and last child). He's at Sakura kindergarten.

Nishimiya Female Senior High

The school which Kazuha is at.

Matsuoka Senko
Kazuha's best friend.
Ishizuka Asako
Kazuha and Senko's friend. She often takes their photoes to sell for goods.
Sugimoto Saki
Second elder brother of Maki. He attends Nishimiya as a teacher of Kazuha's class. He is eager to do everything to ruin Maki's happiness. His name used to be Kawasumi Saki (after his mother's surname).

Kita-hojo Senior High

Asako's boyfriend. Like his girlfriend, he also sells Arata's pictures for goods.
Inukai Miharu
Kazuha's party's former friend. She now is in the same school with Arata.

Sakura Kindergarten

Mizushima Tohru
Kindergarten's teacher. He is called by Maki and Honjo as the devil-inside of the trio.
  • Yamamoto Manami: Mizushima's fiancee.

Sugimoto Yuuki's Salon

Sugimoto Yuuki
The eldest brother of Maki.
Sugimoto Makako
Yuuki's wife.
Fujisawa Eiji
Newmember of the Salon. He is a super lazy man.
  • Fujisawa Eiko: Eiji's little sister. She is a good student of a Beauty College.

Honjou Salon

Honjou Miyabi
Arata and Toru's Mother. She seems to like academic beautiful girls.
Honjou Tohru
Arata's big brother and Maki's close friend. Because his forename is the same with his friend Mizushima (theirs are both Tohru), the trio call them by their surname to distinguish they two.
Honjou Arata
Honjou Toru's little brother. He has a crush in Kazuha. He's at Kita Senior High.
Katsura Minari
She sometimes seems to be losing souls.
Moritaka Risa
She seems to hate Maki much. Because her former workpal Nishina dropped, she seems to hate Kazuha also cause of her assembility with Nishina
Nishina Sachie
Moritaka's former workpal.
Shiraishi Azumi
She was Maki's first crush, but she had a deep crush in Maki's father, Kiichi. Formerly working at Sugimoto Salon, then she moved to work at Honjou Salon and live together with Maki at Grandma Sophie's house.

Sugimoto Kiichi's Salon

Family of Maki, Yuuki, Saki.

Sugimoto Kiichi
Father of Maki. He had weakness at women.
  • Sugimoto Karen: Mother of Maki. A photographer.
  • Sakuma Sophie: Grandmother of Maki.
  • Fujisawa Shouichi: Eldest brother of Fujisawa Eiji, Eiko.

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