Sebastian Darke - Prince of Pirates is a fantasy novel by Philip Caveney. It is the second book in the Sebastian Darke trilogy. The book was released 7 February 2008.


Sebastian, Max and Cornelius are ready for another adventure, heading to the bustling port of Ramalat. With the treasure map Cornelius obtained from a man on his deathbed at the end of the previous book, they embark on a perilous journey in search of the lost treasure of the fabled Pirate King, Captain Calinestra. But first they must make it through the dark and mysterious forest of Geltane and survive an encounter with Leonora, a powerful enchantress with a terrifying secret and a magical hold over Sebastian's senses. And if that isn't bad enough, when they finally reach Ramalat, a feisty female sea captain; an infamous young pirate; ravenous sea creatures; giant lizards; furious sea battles and breathtaking action await them.

Will they discover the treasure? Will Sebastian live to tell the tale? Will Cornelius be beaten in armed combat? And will Max EVER stop moaning?

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