Sebastian Darke - Prince of Explorers is a fantasy novel by Philip Caveney. It is the third (and final) book in the Sebastian Darke trilogy. The story continues on from the previous, where Sebastian, Cornelius and Max are hired by a man called Thaddius Peel to explore the jungles of Mendip for a supposed hidden city. The book starts out with the three heroes' perilous journey through the jungle. They are then attacked by creatures known as "Gograths", although the party is saved by another tribe known as the Jilath. Eventually they save the village and defeat the brutes. The King of the Village assigns some of the Jilath to escort the heroes to the hidden city, with directions from an old wise man. The author has announced that there will be a book of Max, the buffalope, named A Buffalope's Tale. The first chapter can be read on the official website of Sebastian Darke (

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