Sean Murphy is an American cartoonist, artist based in Brooklyn, New York.


Born in Nashua, NH in 1980, Sean has lived near or around Boston until he left for college. He attended the Massachusetts College of Art and then transferred to the Savannah College of Art and Design where he earned his BA. He now lives in Brooklyn, New York with his girlfriend photographer Colleen Katana. They have two dogs, Red and Bebop.

His comic book work includes the miniseries Batman/Scarecrow: Year One with writer Bruce Jones for DC Comics and the graphic novel Off Road for Oni Press. Upcoming projects include the four issue mini-series Outer Orbit at Dark Horse Comics, two issues of Teen Titans for DC Comics[citation needed] and a creator-owned project called Punk Rock Jesus which takes place in Ireland during the early 80s at the height of IRA terrorism. He has also had a run on Hellblazer[1] and, also at Vertigo, he is the artist on Joe the Barbarian, with writer Grant Morrison.[2]

After many years of being relatively unknown, Sean gained more fame in early 2010 with the release of Joe the Barbarian, his Wolverine ABCs series, and with his outspoken blogs/journals on his website--the topics of which include artists's rights, art philosophy, and atheism.


Full-length comics


  • Punk Rock Jesus creator, co-producer, artistic director
  • Fanboyz co-creator, background artist, character designer, voice actor

Short comics

  • Batman/Superman Annual as contributing artist
  • Angel Spotlight: Lindsey as contributing artist
  • Star Wars Tales #19 as contributing artist
  • Star Wars Tales #15 as contributing artist
  • Noble Causes: Extended Family as contributing artist

Covers & pin-ups

Illustration Work

  • 5 page comic for Land Rover in Onelife magazine (UK)
  • Advertising illustration for Nike
  • Concept artwork Digilis with Peter Nelson


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