Scott Allie is an American comics writer and editor, currently the Senior Managing Editor for Dark Horse Comics.


He is the author of The Devil's Footprints and the editor of the Hellboy, Conan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Serenity comics, as well as the founding editor of Dark Horse's line of horror comics.[1] He also wrote the Buffy short stories "The Ghosts of Slayers Past" and "Alone" for the Tales of the Slayer collection. In 2008, he start writing the debut comics miniseries of Solomon Kane,[2] "The Castle of the Devil,"[3] as well as Exurbia, a twisted urban adventure tale that is a departure from his usual horror writing.

He is currently working on another volume of The Devil's Footprints and is writing the second volume of Solomon Kane, as well as an unnamed project with Todd Herman, which Herman describes as a "voodoo western."[4]



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