Sci-Fi HARRY (サイファイハリー?) is an anime series broadcast in Japan in 2000. It was a joint production of TV Asahi Corporation and Nagoya Broadcasting Network. It is a dark psychological horror series that was produced for nighttime broadcast slot.


Harry McQuinn is a school loser until he discovers he has psychic powers. However, whenever Harry uses his powers, someone in the area near him is killed.


  1. "Jellyfish"
  2. "Omen"
  3. "Force"
  4. "Isolation"
  5. "Escape"
  6. "Contact"
  7. "Affinity"
  8. "Heat"
  9. "Recover"
  10. "Day Dream"
  11. "Assassin"
  12. "Vortex"
  13. "Inquisition"
  14. "Greed"
  15. "Trap"
  16. "Suspicion"
  17. "Decoy"
  18. "Experiment"
  19. "Chaos"
  20. "Cosmos"

Theme Songs

  • Opening: "Mysterious" by Janne da Arc
  • Ending: "Ai wo Shiru ni wa Hayasugita no ka" by LUCA

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