Sakura Diaries (桜通信 Sakura Tsuushin?) is a 12 episode OVA series based on the manga of the same name by renowned hentai manga artist U-Jin about romance, love triangles, and the struggle to get into a prestigious university.


The protagonist, Touma Inaba, is a high school graduate who is trying to get into the prestigious Keio University. When he goes to take the acceptance exams, he becomes attracted to a redheaded woman named Mieko Yotsuba. While Mieko makes it into Keio University, Touma does not. Instead of embarrassing himself by telling Mieko the truth, he lies and says he made it in. Now he has to attend cram school, pretend he is actually attending Keio, deal with the affections of his cousin Urara Kasuga, and decide between Mieko and Urara whom he loves more.


Touma Inaba (因幡冬馬 Inaba Touma?)

A prep school student who is struggling to get into Keio University after repeated failures. When he goes once again to take the entry exams, it's love at first sight (for him, at least) when he meets Mieko Yotsuba. When she makes it in but he does not, he decides to lie to her and says that he was accepted. He lives with his cousin, Urara Kosuga, who has feelings for him and affectionately calls him "Tonma-chan" though he is too dense and love-struck for Mieko to notice.

Voiced by: Mitsuaki Madono (Japanese), Martin Burke (English)

Urara Kasuga (春日麗 Kasuga Urara?)

She is in love with her dear "Tonma-chan" and when she finds out that he is lying to Mieko in order to impress her, only respect and love for him prevents her from revealing Touma's secret. She keeps saying that her dad is never around and is away on business when Touma keeps asking about where he is, but as he finds out later, they might be really having the apartment all to themselves.

Voiced by: Kyoko Hikami (Japanese), Lauren Worsham (English)

Mieko Yotsuba (四葉美咲子 Yotsuba Meiko?)

She is a redheaded beauty who makes it into Keio University and is the object of Touma's desire. She may not know Touma's secret, but it turns out she has secrets of her own concerning a man who is living in Europe.

Voiced by: Rumi Kasahara (Japanese), Rebecca Davis (English)

Komi Natsuki (夏樹香美 Natsuki Komi?)

Urara's best friend, she is very energetic and often advises Urara on how to deal with her love for Touma. However her advice often just means "get him in the sack". She usually gets her advice from Cosmo magazine and her mother who states that men are "nothing more than people that buy you stuff". But she does look out for Urara's well being.

Voiced by: Mako Hyoudou (Japanese), Larissa Wolcott (English)


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