Saigado Comic Publishing (彩画堂?) is an erotic dōjinshi circle created in 1996 by its sole member, Ishoku Dougen (異食同元). Prior to 1996, Dougen had works published by the Comic Circle Pink Macadamian & Moriman Shōten circles.[citation needed] The Saigado studio is famous for producing erotic dōjinshi that parody console fighting games such as The King of Fighters, Street Fighter and Guilty Gear, as well as anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion.[citation needed] Saigado Comic Publishing also publishes the original work Boku no Seinen Kouken-nin, though most of the studio's original works such as Hana's Holiday have been published by Futabasha. Ishoku Dougen also did the character designs for the anime OVA Boku no Pico.[citation needed]

Ishoku Dougen has a distinct style with rounder, less messy, and arguably more realistically drawn characters than a lot of his source material. Despite the wide range of fetishes depicted in Saigado comics fans are often pleasantly surprised to see all participants enjoying their couplings.[citation needed] The realism in depictions of sex, body type, and even atmosphere/backgrounds make the Saigado Studio one of the better artistic studios in dōjinshi publishing.[citation needed]

Saigado Work published by Saigado Comic Publishing

This is a description of the work produced by Ishoku Dougen as the Saigado studio and published by the Saigado Comic Publishing circle.

Original dōjinshi

The King of Fighters dōjinshi

Neon Genesis Evangelion dōjinshi


Saigado Maniax

The Saigado Maniax imprint is used to denote dōjinshi published by Saigado Comic Publishing which features shotacon, predominantly yaoi content. The studio began publishing titles with the Maniax imprint in February 2003 with British Bear Boy - four titles have been released to date.

Saigado Works published by Futabasha Publishing

This is a description of the original work produced by Ishoku Dougen as the Saigado studio and published by Futabasha.

  • Hana's Holiday (ハナさんの休日) 2005
  • Hana's Holiday 2nd Season (ハナさんの休日 2nd Season) 2006
  • Hinomarukun no Kae! (ひの丸クンの変っ!) 2006
  • Haken no Muuko-san 1 (派遣のむうこさん 1) (2007)
  • Haken no Muuko-san 2 (派遣のむうこさん 2) (2008)
  • Boku no Seinen Kouken-nin ボクの成年貢献人 (2007)

Anime works

Ishoku Dougen of Saigado is credited with the character design for Boku no Pico (ぼくのぴこ?), a shotacon anime produced by Natural High in 2006.[citation needed] The content of this OVA is very similar to Saigado's Maniax imprint of dōjinshi. Whilst Ishoku Dougen designed the characters,[citation needed] Yoshiten, the character designer for Bible Black, is credited as the animation character designer. It was followed up in 2007 by the OVA Pico to Chico, again using Dougen's character designs.[citation needed]

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