Routes (ルーツ Ruutsu?) is an eroge game originally produced by Leaf for the PC. It was the fourth volume in the Leaf Visual Novel Series, and was released in 2003, six years after the third, To Heart. The CD-ROM version was released on February 28, 2003, whereas the DVD version, which contained additional CGs, was released on 28 November 2003,

A remake of the game was released by AQUAPLUS on the 25 January 2007, for the Playstation 2 and the Playstation Portable. The new version boasted voice acting, but was no longer rated 18+.

Plot outline

The story takes place in 21st Century Japan (approximately at the end of April 2010). The main character Nasu Souichi (那須 宗一?) is a perfectly ordinary high school student, who tries to do as little as possible everyday, and sleeps though most of his classes, only ever to be woken up by his friend Yuasa Satsuki (湯浅 皐月?). They believe they are living in a peaceful time, where no large wars are occurring.

However, these peaceful days are destroyed, when a number of large ships disappear at sea, almost instantly, and with no explanation as to why. A strange woman named Lisa=Vixen (リサ=ヴィクセン?) suddenly appears and attacks Souichi... however Souichi also has his share of secrets.


Nasu Souichi (那須 宗一?)

The protagonist of the story. He looks like nothing more than a normal high school student, however he is actually the best agent in the world. He keeps the fact that he is an agent a secret to all those around him. The plot of the story begins when he investigates the large ship disappearance event.
Voiced By: Majima Junji (間島 淳司?)

Yuasa Satsuki (湯浅 皐月?)

Birthday: 5th May
Souichi's strong willed classmate. In order to find something she was looking for, she moved out into the city and is living alone, whilst her parents live in a Shinto Shrine. She enjoys cooking. She and Souichi are constantly arguing over trivial things.
Voiced By: Kugimiya Rie (釘宮理恵?)

Fushimi Yukari (伏見 ゆかり?)

Birthday: 25th April.
A good friend of Souichi and Satsuki, she is a hardworking, gentle girl. She believes that the fighting between Souichi and Satsuki is just a sign of how well they get along.
Voiced By: Omimura Mayuko (おみむらまゆこ?)

Lisa Vixen (リサ=ヴィクセン?)

Birthday: 13th November. Three Sizes: B-94 W-58 H-92
The mysterious woman that attacked Souichi. She has blond hair and blue eyes, a truly beautiful woman.
Voiced By: Itou Shizuka (いとう しずか?)

Kajiwara Yūna (梶原夕菜?)

Birthday: 18th September.
Voiced By: Rina Satou (佐藤利奈?)

Tatsuta Nanami (立田七海?)

Birthday: 6th July.
Voiced By: Ai Matayoshi (又吉愛?)

Yuasa Fumitsuki (湯浅文月?)

Birthday: 7th July.
Voiced By: Yuki Matsuoka (松岡由貴?)

Eddie (エディー?)

Voiced By: Katsuhiro Harasawa (原沢勝広?)

Nagase Genjirō (長瀬源次郎?)

Voiced By: Shinya Fukumatsu (ふくまつ進紗?)

Takamura (?)

Voiced By: Masato Funaki (船木真人?)

Daigo Gorō (醍醐五郎?)

Voiced By: Kenji Takaashi (高橋研二?)

Fukuhara Shōzō (福原庄蔵?)

Voiced By: Masayuki Kato (加藤将之?)

Wada Tōru (和田透?)

Voiced By: Hiroshi Shirokuma (白熊寛嗣?)

Milt (ミルト?)

Voiced By: Sayori Ishiduka (石塚さより?)

Miyata Kentarō (宮田健太郎?)

He appeared in Magical Antique. In this game, he appears as "Storekeeper of Samidaredō(五月雨堂の店主)".
Voiced By: Unknown

Ogata Rina (緒方理奈?)

She appeared in WHITE ALBUM.
Voiced By: Unknown

Nasu no Daihachirō (那須大八郎?)

younger brother of Nasu no Yoichi (那須与一?). He goes to Kyūshū to subjugate Heike.
Voiced By: Tsuguo Mogami (最上嗣生?)

Sakuya (さくや?)

The head of NIRUYA village.
Voiced By: Ai Shimizu (清水愛?)

Akushitibyō Kagekiyo (悪七兵衛景清?)

The very strong man who is called "Shiouri-san"(Mr. salt buyer) from Sakuya. He was head of Heike before.
Voiced By: Takuo Kawamura (川村拓央?)

Nasu no Kojirō (那須小二郎?)

Voiced By: Madoka Yonezawa (米沢円?)

Minamoto no Yoritomo (源頼朝?)

Voiced By: Makoto Funaki (舟木真人?)


  • Scenario: (in brackets, relevant scenario parts)
    Nagata Zuhisa (Satsuki, Yukari, Lisa, “TrueEND” arc, “Ro~chu” arc)
    Marui Takeshi (Nanami, Yuuna, “Roots” arc)
  • Artwork: Kawata Hisashi
  • Sound: Matsuoka Jun'ya, Ishikawa Shin'ya, Shimokawa Naoya, Nakagami Kazuhide
    • Opening theme (PC): Routes
      Lyricist: Sudani Shouko
      Composer: M.I.S.N. (team name of Matsuoka Jun'ya, Ishikawa Shin'ya, Shimokawa Naoya, Nakagami Kazuhide)
      Vocals: Nakayama Arisa
    • Opening theme (PS2 and PSP): Remote Viewing
      Lyricist: Okui Masami
      Composer: Michio Kinugasa
      Arranger: Suzuki Daichi Hideyuki
      Vocals: Okui Masami
    • Ending theme: anata wo omoitai (あなたを想いたい)
      Lyricist: Sudani Shouko
      Arranger: Ishikawa Shin'ya
      Vocals: Ikeda Haruna
    • Beginning: kimi wo nosete (君をのせて)
      Lyricist: Sudani Shouko
      Arranger: Shimokawa Naoya
      Vocals: Nakayama Arisa

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