Rose Hip Zero (ローズ ヒップ ゼロ Rozu Hippu Zero?) is a seinen manga created by Tohru Fujisawa in 2005-2006, serving as the prequel to Rose Hip Rose. It was also formerly serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine.

The manga shows more of Kasumi Asakura's past as a 14-year old child assassin in service of a terrorist group called ALICE prior to joining up with ASALLT.


Reception towards Rose Hip Zero have seem to be good and favorable towards it. One review states that the manga is good due to the amount of action, especially with the use of movie-style camera angles in showing off some of the gunfights in Rose Hip Zero[1]. Anime News Network's review of Rose Hip Zero have positive as well, stating that the manga was well done for using the "buddy cop"-style of relationship[2], similar to the Lethal Weapon series done in the 1990s[3], though Anime News Network critiques it for having Kasumi use non-lethal bullets in her weapons, which has "no place in a gritty police drama."[2] has even said that Rose Hip Zero is a fine read especially to those who prefer "shoot-'em-up action movies, police dramas, or even the flying-fists of Jackie Chan."[4]


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