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Robotech music consists of the musical scores written for the original 1985 Robotech television series and its various sequels and spinoffs, including Robotech video games. The recognizable original themes were composed by Ulpio Minucci and orchestrated by Arlon Ober. Other composers include:

Soundtrack releases

Robotech: BGM Collection, Vol.1

This vinyl record from U.S. Renditions was the only LP release of the Robotech soundtrack in North America. The track selection represented only a small portion of the Robotech musical score from the original television series since additional volumes were never released. This album was the first domestic anime product of U.S. Renditions as well as the first ever American anime BGM album. The album was produced by David Keith Riddick who was a founding member of U.S. Renditions.

Track Listing

Side A Side B
  1. Robotech Main Title
  2. Mechastorm
  3. Flower of Life
  4. Enemy Attack
  5. Love Theme I
  6. We Will Win
  7. Robotechnology Theme
  8. Love Theme II
  9. Rick Hunter Theme
  10. Roy Fokker Theme
  11. Earth Government at Work
  12. Lonely Soldier Boy
  13. Macross Theme
  1. Red Alert
  2. The Way to Love
  3. Together
  4. Sentinels Medley: Robotech Defense Force Anthem
  5. Sentinels Medley: RDF Action Theme
  6. Sentinels Medley: The New Mission
  7. Sentinels Medley: Invid Attack on Tirol
  8. Sentinels Medley: Rick and Lisa Love Theme
  9. Sentinels Medley: The Sentinels

Robotech: Perfect Collection

This single CD from U.S. Renditions was the first digital release of the Robotech soundtrack. This was the first American anime BGM (Background Music) soundtrack to be released in the Compact Disc format. This release included tracks that were missing from the earlier vinyl album release. Due to budgetary constraints, the track selection remained incomplete.

Track Listing

  1. Robotech Main Title
  2. Mechastorm
  3. Flower of Life
  4. Enemy Attack
  5. Love Theme I
  6. We Will Win
  7. Robotechnology Theme
  8. Love Theme II
  9. Rick Hunter Theme
  10. Roy Fokker Theme
  11. Earth Government at Work
  12. Lonely Soldier Boy
  13. Macross Theme
  14. RoboBumper
  15. Red Alert
  16. The Way to Love
  17. Together
  18. The Sentinels Medley
  19. My Time to be a Star*
  20. We Will Win (Minmei Extended Version)*
  21. It's You*
  22. Look Up (The Sky is Falling)*
  23. We Will Win (Lancer version)*
(asterisk indicates bonus track)

Robotech: The Movie Soundtrack

Released only in France and Latin America for the rarely-seen Robotech: The Movie, the various records, cassettes, and discs of this soundtrack are now considered collectors' items. Michael Bradley's single of Robotech The Movie: Underground was also released separately by Carrere Records.

Robotech: Perfect Soundtrack Album

This double CD set from Streamline Pictures is also known as the Tenth Anniversary Soundtrack and represented the first attempt to digitally restore up the music and gather as many tracks as possible from the original television series into a single collection along with some additional tracks from Robotech: The Movie and Robotech II: The Sentinels.

Track Listing

Disc 1 Disc 2
  1. Main Title
  2. Macross City
  3. The Mysterious Ship
  4. Zentraedi Theme
  5. Confrontation
  6. Musica's Theme
  7. The Way To Love
  8. Boobytrap
  9. Biomechanical Theme
  10. Ineptitude
  11. Love Themes
  12. Miss Macross
  13. Stepping Out
  14. Victory
  15. SDF-1 Theme
  16. Battle Stations
  17. The 15th Squadron
  18. Desolation
  19. The Robotech Masters
  20. Broken Heart
  21. Private Time
  22. Earth Government Theme
  23. Eyecatch
  24. Minmei's Theme
  25. Sweet Sixteen
  26. Lifeline
  27. Rick Hunter's Theme
  28. The Robotech Follies
  29. Earth Government Debriefing
  30. Khyron's Theme
  31. Roy Fokker's Theme
  32. Alien Attack
  33. Reconstruction Blues
  34. It's You
  35. A New Dawn
  36. Invid Theme
  37. Cyclone
  38. Catastrophe
  39. We Will Win
  40. Love Triangle
  41. Mission Accomplished
  42. End Title
  1. My Time To Be A Star - Reba West
  2. The Man In My Life - Reba West
  3. To Be In Love - Reba West
  4. It's You - Reba West
  5. We Will Win - Reba West
  6. In My Heart - Three Dog Night
  7. Underground - Michael Bradley And Joanne Harris
  8. Saved By Science - Joanne Harris
  9. Only A Fool - Gigi Agrama
  10. Call On Me - Joanne Harris
  11. The Future Is Now - Joanne Harris
  12. Together - Sunny Hilden
  13. Look Up! - Michael Bradley
  14. It Don't Get Any Better - Michael Bradley
  15. Lonely Soldier Boy - Michael Bradley
  16. The Way To Love - Michael Bradley
  17. We Will Win - Michael Bradley
  18. The REF March
  19. The Young Warriors
  20. The SDF-3
  21. Invid Strike
  22. The Regent
  23. Love Theme
  24. The Sentinels

Robotech: Battlecry Soundtrack

This CD from TDK Mediactive featured music from the Robotech: Battlecry video game that drew on Ulpio Minucci and Arlon Ober's original themes, but was limited to playback from synthesized instruments. It was bundled as part of special edition box sets of the game.

Track Listing

  1. Robotech Main Theme: Battlecry Remix
  2. Countdown (inspired by the Alien Attack)
  3. Force of Arms
  4. Bursting Point
  5. Dark Skies (inspired by Battle Stations)
  6. Destroids in Danger
  7. Boobytrap
  8. Ambush Hills (inspired by Roy Fokker'sTheme)
  9. Rebel Revenge
  10. Call to Arms
  11. Hostage Crisis (inspired by Rick Hunter's Theme)
  12. Trial by Fire
  13. Daring Rescue
  14. Graveyard (inspired by the SDF-1 Theme)
  15. Warpath
  16. Lightning Strike
  17. Showdown (inspired by the Zentraedi Theme)
  18. Welcome to Zen City
  19. To the Death

Robotech: Invasion Soundtrack

This CD from Sumthing Else Music Works was composed by notable game composer Jesper Kyd for the Robotech: Invasion video game, but featured music that was very different in style and tone from previous Robotech music.

Kyd's thinking on the score:

I had seen Robotech in the 80's and remembered the awesome storyline and visuals. I was asked to write a completely new score for Robotech: Invasion and NOT use the original 1980s music as an inspiration. So while I did watch quite a bit of Robotech to get familiar with the franchise again, I didn’t pay too much attention to the TV show soundtrack. I read a lot of Robotech comics, especially the Robotech: Invasion series, because of the close relations these comic books had with the game.
for Robotech: Invasion I was asked to create a new sound that was far removed from the previous titles, so I produced a modern, high-tech electronic score mixed with a large choir. It was a great experience composing for an epic, sci-fi setting.

Track Listing

  1. Introduction (0:29)
  2. Main Title (5:28)
  3. Inside (4:46)
  4. Final Moments (5:23)
  5. Hymn of the Wasteland (5:04)
  6. Approaching Invid Hive (4:10)
  7. Invid Hive (4:56)
  8. Wide Planes (4:47)
  9. Stealth Beats (5:08)
  10. The Invid Attacks (3:54)
  11. Boss Attack (5:25)
  12. Time Out (3:24)
  13. Night Time in the Forest (4:48)

Robotech: The Original Soundtrack

Released at the end of 2005, this double CD set from Harmony Gold USA is also known as the Twentieth Anniversary Soundtrack. Some of the music was cleaned up further over the previous tenth anniversary release and includes 7 more tracks than before. A variant was released in summer 2006 in which a stereo effect was simulated on tracks that were originally recorded in mono.

Track Listing

Disc 1 Disc 2
  1. Main Title (1:33) Ulpio Minucci
  2. Macross City (1:32) Ulpio Minucci
  3. The Mysterious Ship (1:25) Ulpio Minucci & Arlon Ober
  4. The Zentraedi (1:37) Arlon Ober
  5. Confrontation (1:08) Ulpio Minucci & Arlon Ober
  6. Musica's Theme (2:44) Arlon Ober
  7. The Way To Love (1:55) Ulpio Minucci & Marcia Woods
  8. Boobytrap (2:58) Arlon Ober
  9. Biomechanical Theme (0:39) Arlon Ober
  10. Ineptitude (1:17) Arlon Ober
  11. Love Themes (2:11) Ulpio Minucci & Arlon Ober
  12. Miss Macross (1:04) Ulpio Minucci & Arlon Ober
  13. Stepping Out (2:04) Arlon Ober
  14. Victory (1:34) Arlon Ober
  15. SDF-1 Theme (1:13) Arlon Ober
  16. Battle Stations (2:28) Arlon Ober
  17. The 15th Squadron (2:03) Arlon Ober
  18. Desolation (2:45) Arlon Ober
  19. The Robotech Masters (2:43) Ulpio Minucci & Arlon Ober
  20. Broken Heart (1:58) Ulpio Minucci & Arlon Ober
  21. Private Time (2:03) Arlon Ober
  22. United Earth Government Theme (0:48) Arlon Ober
  23. Reflections *
  24. Eyecatch (0:08) Ulpio Minucci
  25. Minmei's Theme (2:02) Arlon Ober
  26. The Cosmic Harp *
  27. Sweet Sixteen (1:23) Ulpio Minucci & Arlon Ober
  28. Lifeline (3:22) Ulpio Minucci & Arlon Ober
  29. Rick Hunter's Theme (1:37) Alberto Estevez
  30. The Robotech Follies (1:53) Arlon Ober
  31. Earth Government Debriefing (1:40) Arlon Ober
  32. Khyron's Theme (1:34) Ulpio Minucci, Arlon Ober & Alberto Estevez
  33. The Hive*
  34. Roy Fokker's Theme (2:16) Arlon Ober
  35. Enemy Attack (1:23) Ulpio Minucci & Arlon Ober
  36. Reconstruction Blues (0:45) Arlon Ober
  37. Hard Times*
  38. It's You (2:04) Ulpio Minucci & Marcia Woods
  39. A New Dawn (0:47) Arlon Ober
  40. Invid Theme (2:50) Ulpio Minucci, Arlon Ober, Michael Bradley & Steve Wittmack
  41. Cyclone (1:03) Alberto Estevez
  42. Catastrophe (1:33) Arlon Ober
  43. We Will Win (2:08) Ulpio Minucci & Marcia Woods
  44. Love Triangle (1:47) Ulpio Minucci & Arlon Ober
  45. Mission Accomplished (1:09) Arlon Ober
  46. End Title (0:43) Ulpio Minucci
  1. My Time To Be A Star (1:02) Performed by Reba West
  2. The Man In My Life (1:23) Performed by Reba West
  3. To Be In Love (1:45) Performed by Reba West
  4. It's You (2:14) Performed by Reba West
  5. The Right Move* Performed by Reba West
  6. We Will Win (4:01) Performed by Reba West
  7. Lifeline* Performed by Joanne Harris
  8. In My Heart (4:24) Performed by Three Dog Night
  9. Underground (4:27) Performed by Michael Bradley & Joanne Harris
  10. Saved By Science (4:41) Performed by Joanne Harris
  11. Only A Fool (3:31) Performed by Gigi Agrama
  12. Call On Me (5:20) Performed by Joanne Harris
  13. The Future Is Now (3:37) Performed by Joanne Harris
  14. Together ( 3:10) Performed by Sunny Hilden
  15. The Flower of Life* Performed by Joanne Harris
  16. Look Up! The Sky Is Falling (4:53) Performed by Michael Bradley
  17. It Don't Get Any Better (3:46) Performed by Michael Bradley
  18. Lonely Soldier Boy (4:17) Performed by Michael Bradley
  19. The Way To Love (1:59) Performed by Michael Bradley
  20. We Will Win (2:32) Performed by Michael Bradley
  21. The REF March (2:15)
  22. The Young Warriors (2:36)
  23. The SDF-3 (1:28)
  24. Invid Strike (2:09)
  25. The Regent (2:35)
  26. Love Theme (3:09)
  27. The Sentinels (1:58)
(asterisk indicates newly added tracks)

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Soundtrack

Completed in 2006, composer Scott Glasgow recorded the music for the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles movie with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, utilizing some of the original theme music by Ulpio Minucci[3]. A CD soundtrack was released by Varèse Sarabande on February 13, 2007.

Track Listing

  1. Main Title (original theme by Ulpio Minucci) (1:56)
  2. Race You Back! (1:38)
  3. War Room (2:51)
  4. The Icarus (1:57)
  5. Legacy of War (2:24)
  6. The Battle Begins (3:23)
  7. Scott Bernard (2:47)
  8. The Regess (2:00)
  9. The Nichols Maneuver (2:35)
  10. The SDF-3 (1:48)
  11. Battle of Reflex Point (3:04)
  12. Exodus (2:51)
  13. The Awareness (1:15)
  14. Omicron Sector (1:45)
  15. Ariel (Love Theme) (2:25)
  16. Maia Sterling (1:49)
  17. Lunar Battle (1:53)
  18. Moonbase ALuCE (1:57)
  19. Janice in the Lab (3:11)
  20. Children of the Shadow (1:49)
  21. Command Center (3:03)
  22. Sacrifice (3:49)
  23. The Hybrid (1:45)
  24. The Ark Angel (1:52)
  25. Infiltration (2:07)
  26. Dogfight (2:09)
  27. Space Station Liberty (3:42)
  28. Resolutions (3:26)


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