Script error Riichiro Inagaki (稲垣理一郎 Inagaki Riichirō?), born June 20, 1976 in Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese gensaku-sha (manga writer). He's best known for writing the manga Eyeshield 21, in collaboration with artist Yusuke Murata. Eyeshield 21 was completed in June 2009.

He won the 7th "Story King" section in Weekly Shonen Jump No.51 2001. His previous works include Any number of times on the 13th of June, Square Freeze and LOVE LOVE Santa, which were published in Big Comic Spirits.

In an interview with Shonen Jump (magazine) he stated that he didn't know much about College Football, but that he was a fan of professional American Football. He said he was a fan of the St. Louis Rams especially Marshall Faulk, and cited seeing Faulk run as the inspiration for his character Sena Kobayakawa in Eyeshield 21.

it:Riichirō Inagakizh:稻垣理一郎

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