Rie Takada (高田 りえ Takada Rie?) (born August 10) is a Japanese manga artist. She first debuted in 1990 in the 17th issue of the manga anthology magazine Sho-Comi with the series SP girl.[1] She still writes primarily for Sho-Comi, with her serialized works also published in collected volumes by Shogakukan, the company that publishes Sho-Comi.

List of works

  • (1990) SP Girl
  • (1992) Toppu Redeī wo Mezase! (トップレディーを目指せ!?, lit. To be the Top Lady!)
  • (1993) Toraburu Kikku (トラぶる・キック?, lit. Trouble Kick)
  • (1993) Dan Dan Aishite (DAN DAN愛して?)
  • (1994) Dan Dan Dakishimete (DAN DAN抱きしめて?)
  • (1994) Manatsu no Koibito (真夏の恋人?)
  • (1996) Hadashi no Aitsu (裸足のアイツ?)
  • (1998) Wild☆Act (WILD☆ACT?); English translation: Wild Act (2003)
  • (2000) Rabu Gecchu (らぶげっちゅ?, lit. Love Get You)
  • (2001) Hāto (ハート?, lit. Heart)
  • (2003) H3 Sukuuru (H3スクール!?); English translation: Happy Hustle High (2005)
  • (2005) Punch! (Punch!?); English translation: Punch! (2006)
  • (2006) Ren'ai Torippā (恋愛☆トリッパー?, lit. Love Tripper)
  • (2007) Hādo na Choukyoushi (ハードな調教師?, lit. A Hard Trainer)
  • (2007) Gaba Kawa (ガバ・カワ?); English translation: Gaba Kawa (2008)
  • (2008) Futari wa Oshiri Ai (ふたりはおしり愛?)
  • (2009) Oshiri Ai -Shinsatsu Uchi- (おしり愛―診察中―?)
  • (2009) Kicchin Paretto (キッチン パレット?, lit. Kitchen Palette)


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