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Rhysmyth is an original English-language manga series created by writer Anthony Andora and artist Lincy Chan.

Although classified under Romance by Tokyopop, Rhysmyth can be described as a mixture of shōnen-style sports manga, comedy, and high school drama through the lens of underdog heroine Elena.

Lincy Chan, veteran of several Rising Stars of Manga contests, placed in the top-20 a year prior to pitching Rhysmyth.

Volume 1 was published in May 2007 and made the final list for the Young Adult Library Services Association 2008 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults under the "Anyone Can Play" sports category. It was also nominated for "Great Graphic Novels" for teens.

Volume 2 is scheduled for a May 2008 release.

Main characters


  • The lead. Searching for an extracurricular activity, she finds only rejection from her school's sports teams. When she stumbles down a flight of stairs and miraculously recovers, the Rhysmyth coach recruits her for the natural talents she displayed.


  • The team captain. His natural chemistry with Elena is hidden under his obsessive passion for Rhysmyth.


  • Wahzee's rival. His attraction to Elena from the beginning is obvious.


  • Elena's rival on the Rhysmyth team. Taylor has bullied Elena (to no avail) since middle school.

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