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Rhea Gall Force is a middle entry in the mainstream timeline of Gall Force anime metaseries, which takes place in the aftermath of the Stardust Wars, but before the events of Earth Chapter. The human survivors are forced to unite to face a new threat: a force of alien robots bent on exterminating the human race...

Rhea Gall Force Episode

In the year 2084, scientist Grey Newman resurrected bloodthirsty alien machines and unintentionally brought about the end of civilization. World War III breaks out and horribly annihilates each side. In the middle of battle, the human's own alien weapons literally turn against them, thus causing them to lose the war. The Solenoid race faces extinction, being annihilated along with their enemies in the final battle at Sigma Narse.

Later in the year 2085, the remaining humans are on the run from the machines who are terminating them. In order to survive to defeat the alien machines, the human race must leave Earth, and go to Mars. Among these voyagers is one woman who bears the burden of guilt for her father's contribution to the destruction of civilization.[1] [2]


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