Script error Reinventing Comics: How Imagination and Technology Are Revolutionizing an Art Form (ISBN 0-060-95350-0) is a 2000 book written by comic book writer and artist Scott McCloud. It was a thematic sequel to his critically acclaimed Understanding Comics, and was followed by Making Comics.

Reinventing Comics (RC) explains twelve "revolutions" which McCloud predicts are necessary for the comic book to survive as a medium, focusing especially on online comics. The book caused considerable controversy in the comics industry, McCloud famously noting that it had been described as "dangerous".[1]

As promised in the book, McCloud has offered annotations, addenda and his further-developing thoughts about the future of comics on his web site. In particular, he considers his web comic I Can't Stop Thinking to be a continuation of RC, though he has continued to write about the future of comics in many different forms, as he acknowledges RC is "a product of its time".[2]


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