Prunus Girl (プラナス・ガール) is a manga series written and illustrated by Tomoki Matsumoto, and published in Gangan Joker[1]. It started serialization in 2009.



He is the central protagonist in the series. Known for being an over-achiever, he excels in both academic work and sports. He first meets Aikawa under some Cherry-Blossom trees outside the exam results board. He mistakes Aikawa for a female, due to feminine appearance, with their relationship being pivotal to the series. This often leads to inappropriate situations, that leave Aikawa gender ambigious. Due to his quiet nature throughout Junior High, Maki is quite popular with females. This becomes a comedic point with the romance he shares with Aikawa.
Aikawa Kizuna
One of the primary protagonists in the series. Aikawa appears to be a female due to feminine features and mannerisms, although Aikawa has stated on a number of occasions that "Despite how I look, I'm male." Evidence that Aikawa is male are these multiple statements, his/her ID card, which identifies Aikawa as male, although the photo on the ID is also in female uniform, and by accident Maki felt Aikawa's chest in chapter 1 page 22 and found that it is totally flat. Aikawa's presentment is so convincing that Maki repeatedly asks himself whether Aikawa is a girl with some kind of compulsion to claim to be male. Aikawa is known for excelling in sports , but academically is rather bad. Aikawa is similar to Maki in the fact that both boys and girls like him/her. He/she is also known to have a sweet tooth.
Hanasaka Shion
A friend of Maki's from Junior High. She has a profound love for other females, which causes her some confusion over Aikawa. She is known for stealing Maki's first love, although this is later clarified to be a misconception.
Kana Wakakusa
She is Maki's first love, in addition to being Shion's girlfriend. Her father is the head of a large company, with her desire to please her father coming in the way of her relationship. She comes to terms with her father's displeasure and tells Shion that her father will eventually accept their relationship and congratulate them.



The Manga is written by Tomoki Matsumoto, who also does the illustrations, and is published in Gangan Joker. There are currently three volumes in Japan.


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