Prince of Persia: The Graphic Novel is a graphic novel based on the franchise created by Jordan Mechner. Published by First Second, a New York based graphic novel publisher, it was written by A.B. Sina and illustrated by LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland. The story is unique to the franchise in that it is an original story. The plot of the graphic novel, which was influenced by works such as One Thousand and One Nights and Shahnameh, is about two princes whose stories run parallel to each other. This unique story telling garnered some praise and criticism from critics such as Andrew Wheeler of []. The first edition of the graphic novel included an afterword by Jordan Mechner.

Plot summary

The graphic novel leaps between the tale of a prince in the 9th century and another prince in the 13th century whose destinies are linked by a prophecy. The graphic novel begins with Guiv, a prince who had attempted to kill his brother Layth, fleeing the city of Marv after escaping death by drowning from Layth's guards. The story then jumps to a young woman, Shirin, who flees the city of Marv in the 13th century in an attempt to escape her father. She soon meets up with Ferdos, a young man who is connected to Guiv through a prophecy. What follows are two separate adventures which lead both princes to their destinies.

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