Powerpuff Girls Z: Original Soundtrack is the licenced soundtrack to the anime series Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z. It was released by Sony and Aniplex on June 27, 2007 in Japan only.

Album information

This includes TV size versions of most of the series theme songs, the series score by composers Taichi Master and Hiroshi Nakamura presented in the form of a party mix, and character songs by PPGZ's seiyus. The album's booklet features concept art for all the characters.

Track list

  1. 希望のカケラ(Opening/Ending Themes PPGZ Version)
    Kibō no Kakera/Pieces of Hope
  2. 真夜中のドア(Opening/Ending Themes PPGZ Version)
    Mayonaka no Doa/Door of Midnight
  3. LOOK (Opening/Ending Themes PPGZ Version)
  4. ジグTHEアッパー(Opening/Ending Themes PPGZ Version)
    Jigu THE Appā/Jig THE Upper
  5. 通り雨(Opening/Ending Themes PPGZ Version)
    Tōri Ame/Rain that Passes by
  6. ひまわり(Opening/Ending Themes PPGZ Version)
  7. intro(PPGZ Party Mix)
  8. a day in the lab(PPGZ Party Mix)
  9. monster panic × girlz dispatch(PPGZ Party Mix)
  10. girlz dispatch × monster threat(PPGZ Party Mix)
  11. powered buttercup(PPGZ Party Mix)
  12. rolling bubbles(PPGZ Party Mix)
  13. hyper blossom(PPGZ Party Mix)
  14. ppgz(PPGZ Party Mix)
  15. versus(PPGZ Party Mix)
  16. mojo jojo(PPGZ Party Mix)
  17. wafoo(PPGZ Party Mix)
  18. back in the lab(PPGZ Party Mix)
  19. love and peace(PPGZ Party Mix)
  20. juvenile misdemeanor(PPGZ Party Mix)
  21. the scheme(PPGZ Party Mix)
  22. princess fuzzy-funk's rowdy fever(PPGZ Party Mix)
  23. the rise of him(PPGZ Party Mix)
  24. victory lap(PPGZ Party Mix)
  25. epilogue(PPGZ Party Mix)
  26. スウィートちょーだい feat. H.Blossom(PPGZ Featured Tracks)
    Sūwīto Chōdai/Sweet Chodai
  27. Flow feat. R.Bubbles(PPGZ Featured Tracks)
  28. It's Mighty! feat. P.Buttercup(PPGZ Featured Tracks)
  29. Touch me! feat. PPGZ(PPGZ Featured Tracks)

Song Credits

1.Nana Kitade
4.Hoi Festa
6.Hearts Grow
26.Emiri Katou as Hyper Blossom
27.Nami Miyahara as Rolling Bubbles
28.Machiko Kawana as Powered Buttercup
29.Emiri Katou as Hyper Blossom, Nami Miyahara as Rolling Bubbles, and Machiko Kawana as Powered Buttercup

All other tracks were performed by Taichi Master and Hiroshi Nakamura.


  • The version of Jig THE Upper that is featured on this album is a version from its single and not the actual version used as the second opening intro.

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