Pokémon Battle Frontier, known in Japan as Pocket Monsters Emerald Chōsen!! Battle Frontier (ポケットモンスター エメラルド 挑戦!!バトルフロンティア Poketto Monsutā Emerarudo Chōsen!! Batoru Furontia?, lit. "Pocket Monsters Emerald: Challenge!! Battle Frontier") is a manga series that mixes comedy with Pocket Monster battling.

It began publication in late 2007 in CoroCoro Special and has been published into tankōbon. The series stars Lucas (Enta), a boy who has dreams of becoming the strongest pokémon trainer but due to his lack of skill and the fact that he's a rookie trainer he constantly loses. But with the help of Rald, an experienced trainer (also his training master), and Mitsuki (a pretty boy), who is forced to help Lucas whenever he wants to participate in a double battle. The owner of the Battle Frontier Enishida (a.k.a. Scott) who introduces Lucas to the Battle Frontier and occasionally gives him pointers on how to be a good trainer. The series doesn't seem to follow any regular story line (fighting to obtain the symbols in this case for example) but instead is more focused on putting Lucas into a random set of adventures.Following Lucas is a mysterious photografher who turns out to be the strongest Frontier Brain: Salon Maiden Anabel.

The manga will be translated into English by Chuang Yi in Singapore under the name Pokémon Battle Frontier.The anime was also the first to have Pokémon USA take over the dubbing rights since 4Kids Entertainment decided not to renew the anime.

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