Plaid is a London-based British electronic music duo comprising Andy Turner and Ed Handley. They are former members of The Black Dog and used many other names, such as Atypic (Andrew Turner) and Balil (Ed Handley), before settling on Plaid. They have collaborated with female singers Mara Carlyle, Nicolette and Björk, and have released records on the labels Clear, Peacefrog, Black Dog Productions, and Warp Records (along with Trent Reznor's label Nothing Records).

Aside from their own material, Plaid have done extensive remix work for many other artists, including Red Snapper, Björk, Goldfrapp, and The Irresistible Force. Parts in the Post (2003) contains just a handful of Plaid's remix work to date.

Plaid often works collaboratively with video artist Bob Jaroc, whose animations often accompanied the music during live performances. They have developed a DVD consisting of new material and video artwork to accompany the music, entitled Greedy Baby. The project was completed on July 20, 2005, and was first shown at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in the South Bank Centre, and subsequently at the BFI Imax cinema in Waterloo, London. Greedy Baby was released on DVD from Warp Records on June 26, 2006.

In 2006, Plaid composed and performed the original score to Michael Arias's anime film Tekkon Kinkreet, and then went on to rejoin Arias for his second feature, Heaven's Door, as well as two of his subsequent short films.[1]

In 2009 they contributed a cover of a Plone song to the Warp20 (Recreated) compilation.




  • 1992 Scoobs in Columbia
  • 1995 Android
  • 1997 Undoneson
  • 1999 Peel Session
  • 2000 Booc
  • 2002 P-Brane


  • 2000 Trainer (a collection of early material, including all of the Mbuki Mvuki album)
  • 2003 Plaid Remixes - Parts in the Post (remix collection)
  • 2003 Dial P (mix album inserted in deliveries of pre-ordered copies of Spokes)
  • 2007 Tekkonkinkreet Remix Tekkinkonkreet (remixes of the songs from Tekkonkinkreet by Derrick May, Prefuse 73, Atom, Vex'd and others)

Visual project


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