Petit Apple Pie (プチアップル・パイ Puchi Appuru Pai?) is an 18-volume bishōjo lolicon manga anthology series published by Animage Comics from November 10, 1982 to March 10, 1987. The first volume was released under the name Bishōjo Manga Best Anthology (美少女まんがベスト集成 Bishōjo Manga Besuto Shūsei?), before the series was renamed to Petit Apple Pie with the original title as a subtitle.

The series primarily featured works from editors and contributors to the erotic lolicon magazine Manga Burikko, but did not itself include any erotic or pornographic stories.[1][2]


Following is an alphabetical list of some of the artists who published stories in the Petit Apple Pie series.[2][3]</small>


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