Perverted Thomas (痴漢者トーマス Chikanja Thomas?) is a hentai Japanese visual novel created by Xuse, which released the game on August 1, 2003.[1] Xuse released a sequel of the game Perverted Thomas 2 (痴漢者トーマス 2 Chikanja Thomas Ni?) on September 9, 2005.[2]

It was later adapted into a single original video animation episode released on September 25, 2004. It was created by the Japanese company Xuse, and is distributed by the English company Hot Storm and has been licensed by Adult Source Media.

Plot summary

One day, the protagonist of the story, Thomas, was out looking for a job. As he travels in a subway train, he noticed a girl standing close by him. He started to comment on how cute she was and think about perverted acts. However, he decided not to do anything to avoid a scene so he retreated. As luck would have it, it seems that the bag he held on his right hand is stuck in between him and the girl. He struggled to pull it away and accidentally touched the girl's buttocks, alerting her. Thankfully, he managed to move away his right arm and escape. During the time, an old man witnessed his perversion and started to tutor Thomas, providing him hints and tips to pleasuring women. As the story progresses, Thomas was able to use the abilities he possess to pleasure sexy strangers he encounters.


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