Peerless: The Legend of Heihachi Edajima (天下無双 江田島平八伝 Tenkamusou Edajima Heihachi Den?) is a manga series by Akira Miyashita currently serialized in Oh Super Jump. It is a spin off of his previous work, Sakigake!! Otokojuku, and features a young Heihachi Edajima as the protagonist.


Raised in the back country, the wild and violent young Heihachi Edajima, after the death of his mother, heads for Tokyo. While in Tokyo, he becomes involved with various plots and events from history, from attending Imperial university to fighting in World War II, and gets through them all with his strong and stubborn personality. He also comes into contact with several people from WWII era history.



Heihachi Edajima (江田島 平八 Edajima Heihachi?)
Sachiko Morita (森田 幸子 Morita Sachiko?)
Kouan (廣庵?)
Masato Terasaki (寺崎 将人 Terasaki Masato?)
Wang (?)
Genzo Togashi (富樫 源造 Togashi Genzou?)
Shoki Daigoin (大豪院 鐘鬼 Daigouin Shouki?)
Oni-Hage (鬼ハゲ Demon Baldy?)

Isa Family

Takemitsu Isa (伊佐 武光 Isa Takemitsu?)
Yodo Isa (伊佐容堂 Isa Youdou?)


Hitlerjugend Boss (ヒトラーユーゲント団長 Hitoraa Yuugento-danchou?)


Chang (?)


King Battler (キング・バトラー?)
Micheal Hendrix (マイケル・ヘンドリックス?)
Leon Hendrix (レオン・ヘンドリックス?)

Real life characters

Isoroku Yamamoto
Richard Sorge
Fumimaro Konoe
Mao Zedong

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