Paula Winslowe (March 23, 1910 – March 7, 1994), sometimes credited as Paula Winslow, was a radio and television actress from the 1930s to the mid-1960s.

On radio she was heard in many shows, including The Life of Riley, Big Town and Broadway Is My Beat, and she played the role of Mrs. Martha Conklin in Our Miss Brooks on both radio and television. She was cast in numerous TV shows, including I Love Lucy and she also voiced Greta Gravel on The Flintstones (ep.The Entertainer).

In animated films, she did two voices in Bambi: Bambi's mother and the pheasant who panics when the hunters come leading to her demise.

When actress Jean Harlow died on the set of the film Saratoga in 1937, it was decided that the film, 90% of which was completed, would be finished using a body double (Mary Dees) for Harlow, however Dees's voice was higher than that of Harlow. Winslowe stepped in as a voice double and the film was released to great success.

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