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Patrick Macias (born 1972 in Sacramento, California) is an author and co-author of several titles on pop culture fandom, specifically relating to Japanese culture and otaku culture in America. Macias is also a correspondent for NHK World Television show Tokyo Eye, and is currently the head editor of the otaku culture magazine titled Otaku USA, which debuted on June 5, 2007.[1]


Macias became a published writer when he was 19, writing about youth culture for zines and other publications. Alvin Lu, a former editor of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, asked Macias to write for the Guardian based on Macias's early work, and this led to a regular column titled "Tiger on Beat" in which Macias covered Hong Kong movies. Lu went on to edit Tokyoscope and Pulp, and Macias likewise began writing for Pulp and became the assistant editor for Animerica.[2]



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