Paranoia Agent Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the TV series Paranoia Agent composed by Susumu Hirasawa. The CDs catalog number is #5274, and is labeled by Geneon Entertainment, the same company that holds the English language rights to the anime series in the US.

Track listing

  1. Dream Island Obsessional Park (Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen)
  2. Sub-usual (Juunichijou)
  3. Focus
  4. Happiness (Koufuku)
  5. Object Definition (Taishou Teigi)
  6. Confrontational Paranoia (Tai Touge Mousou)
  7. Tension (Kinchou)
  8. Hero (Yuusha)
  9. Condition Boy (Jouken Douji)
  10. Black Beach (Kuroi Hama)
  11. Cultivation (Baiyou)
  12. Shadow (Kage)
  13. Reverie Hill (Musou Tani)
  14. Escape (Toubou)
  15. Obsession Layer (Shinensou)
  16. Tenacity (Shuujaku)
  17. Dream Island - Expectation (Yume no Shima-Kitai)
  18. Core
  19. White Hill - Maromi's Theme (Shiroi Oka-Maromi no Theme)
  20. Grandfatherly Wind (Sobu Naru Kaze) (US release only)


  • "Grandfatherly Wind" was not composed for the series, rather it is from one of Hirasawa's other works and is not present on the original version (JP) of the soundtrack. It was taken from Susumu Hirasawa's 2003 album Blue Limbo.
  • Another track by Susumu Hirasawa was featured in the last episode of the Paranoia Agent series, but was never released on both the original version of the soundtrack and the one released in the United States. The track known as "Kingdom" was featured in Paranoia Agent and is part of the albums Sim City and Switched-on Lotus. It was slightly edited as to remove the vocals.

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