Palette of 12 Secret Colors (十二秘色のパレット Jūni Hisoku no Paretto?) is a manga authored by Nari Kusakawa. It is published in English by CMX Manga.


From CMX Manga: On the island of Opal live the world's most colorful birds. The birds have attracted a school for aspiring "Palettes" — wizards who have the ability to "borrow" color from one object and paint its qualities onto another. They are partnered with the birds to help with their training, borrowing the beautiful colors from their feathers. Young Cello has the potential to be a great Palette, but she just can't seem to control her power. As the end of freshman year approaches she's on the verge of failing, so she's going to need all the help her bird, Yoyo, can provide.

None of the characters have last names, as the author wanted the island of Opal to be a homely, friendly place. (In Japan, the family name is said first. In order to avoid the last name issue, there simply were no last names given) Guell, being from "the North", has a last name.


Cello is the heroine. She is a seemingly talentless Palette, with a pink bird, Yoyo, whom Cello raised since he was a chick. She has failed her freshman year in her Palette Training School. She has a few abilities that nobody else has.
Guell is the Palette Training School's doctor. He appears to be in an emotionless daze most of the time. He often tells Cello that she is the only Palette in the school that needs to come into the infirmary. He does, however, seem to genuinely care about Cello. His partner is a purple long-necked bird, Olga, who seems to act jealous every time Cello is around Dr. Guell. His full name is Lexell Guell, since he is from "the North", and has a last name.
Mousseline is Cello's best friend. She is a sophomore palette, as she passed in the year Cello failed. She is often seen with her partner, a yellow round parrot-like bird named Kechonpa. The English edition has a translation discrepancy with her name, as it has been seen as Mousseline, Mosseline, and Mosslyn.
Fenne is Cello's newest friend, and is one of the school's best students, according to Dr. Guell. He had lost his partner when he was first introduced, but has since found a new partner, a migratory bird named Blackie. He is somewhat of a jerk, and calls Cello names. He is also a palette.


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