Itsuki Otomiya

Rank: Formerly Gold The former Emperor of the student council and secret boyfriend of the Bronze, Maika. Later, Haine finds out that he is and always has been her real father, and that Kazuhito Kamiya was not. Haine is the result of Maika and Itsuki, but was born after Maika and Kazuhito were married. Though it is given that because Itsuki was incapable of having children and as a result, Kazuhito offered to adopt away Haine to become the Otomiya heir, Kazuhito discloses to Maika that the his actual reason behind adoption was that he was returning Haine to her "real" father. Itsuki remains unaware that Haine is his biological daughter. After he adopting Haine, he later falls in love with and marries Ryouka and adopts Ryouka's son Kusame.

Ryouka Otomiya

Rank:Formerly Bronze Ryouka is Itsuki's wife, and claims she fell in love with him at first sight (when actually, she liked him when they were still in school). Before her marriage to Itsuki, Ryouka had already been married and had a son, Kusame, though her first husband is now deceased. She is a cheerful woman who likes to tease both her son and Haine, whom she cares for like her own daughter. During high school, Ryouka had observed Maika and Itsuki and knew that they were "close friends". She also said that she loved Maika when Haine asked her if a girl ever liked her.

Kusame Otomiya

Rank: Silver Birthday; May 1 Blood Type : AB

Haine's stepbrother and Itsuki's stepson, Kusame is the heir to the Otomiya family. Secretly, he fell in love with Haine at first sight and refuses to call her onee-chan ("big sister") for that reason. Kusame is a silver, honor student and vice president of Imperial Academy Junior section's Student Council. He became vice president by earning points, not with money. He works in the Junior Student Council with Komaki and is forced to become her boyfriend because of a public confession. However, in a special not seen in the regular chapters of the manga, Kusame realizes that he likes Komaki and they become a real couple. After accepting Komaki's feelings for him, Kusame ends up competing with Tachibana for Haine's affection as their older sister

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