Otogimoyou Ayanishiki (お伽もよう綾にしき?) is a manga series by Kyoko Hikawa which first ran in LaLa from 2005 to 2006. Later it was transferred to Melody where it continues to be published to this date (2007/09/18). There are 5 volumes published so far, vol.2 was ranked 7 on the Tohan Comics Ranking (2006/11/5~11/11 week) and the vol.3 was ranked 9 (2007/9/2~9/8 week).

This is the latest work from the author, since [Kanata Kara], and is her first work with historical background, in this case the Japanese [Sengoku] era. According to the author's website it's also her first work in which the author's hobby for Japanese WA was useful.


On the Sengoku era, the heroin Suzu is a girl who is continuously sought by spirits (mononoke). However she has also mastered some techniques to protect herself, which she learned from the late Shinkurou, the man she calls "Toto-sama". One day during a trip she encounters an unknown spirit, her powers awakens and activates the power of the flute she carries as Shinkurou's memento. An unknown man who reminds her of Toto-sama appears before her eyes and the spirit is defeated. The enigmatic flute seems to have some secrets...

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