Otaku no Seiza: An Adventure in the Otaku Galaxy (おたくの星座?) is a console role-playing game for the Famicom that was released in 1991 in Japan. It was developed by Advance Communications and published by M&M. A game called Aurora Quest: Otaku no Seiza in Another World (オーロラクエスト おたくの星座?) was a remake of the Famicom version for the Turbo CD by Pack-in-Video in December 1993 and featured updated graphics. Both versions were never released outside of Japan. An anime based on the games was also released in Japan in 1994.[1]

The game is a combination of science fiction and comedy. A nameless hero arrives in a city where women have stolen the rights of men. The player controls the man as he tries to free men in the city. Otaku no Seiza features turn-based battles, similar to the Dragon Quest series.


Otaku no Seiza features standard console role-playing gameplay. Players control a party of characters through overhead environments, including towns, dungeons, and a world map. While on the world map or in a dungeon, the party will randomly encounter enemies. The perspective switches to a first-person mode and the enemies and party members take turns attacking or healing.


Otaku no Seiza tells the story of Fuyuu City, a place built in space far in the future. Aurora, a group of five attractive women, control the city. Men in the city are treated poorly compared to women, until the protagonist finds himself in the middle of the city with amnesia. Outraged, the protagonist decides to defeat Aurora and gain rights for the men of the city.


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