Ordet (株式会社Ordet (オース) Kabushiki-gaisha Ōsu?) is a Japanese animation studio, founded in 2007 by ex-Kyoto Animation director Yutaka Yamamoto and other staff. The company initially served as a subcontractor before producing their first hit television series, Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens in collaboration with A-1 Pictures in 2008. They are set to produce their first fully solo production, Black Rock Shooter, in the spring of 2010.[1]


Ordet was founded in 2007 by Yutaka Yamamoto after being fired by his former employer Kyoto Animation during the production of Lucky Star.[2] After Lucky Star completed its run, several other Kyoto Animation staff left the company and followed Yamamoto. Together, they founded Ordet with approximately ¥ 3 million of capital stock.[3]


  • Yutaka Yamamoto - Company representative director, founder, staff director
  • Shinobu Yoshioka - Staff director
  • Satoshi Kadowaki - Animation director, key animator
  • Emi Kesamaru - Art settings, background artist
  • Yoko Takada - Key animator



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