Oktomica Comics is a short-lived comic publisher that in 1998 and 1999 published three series: Virtex, The Wonderlanders and Wisp. All three series were created by Casey Lau and Jeff Kwan with scripting assistance from such comic professionals as Mike Baron, Pat Mills and Tom and Mary Beirbaum.[1]

By 1999 the company had apparently run out of money and folded.


The first book to be released was the 12-page Virtex #0 and the company's final releases were Virtex #3, The Wonderlanders #2 and Wisp #1.

  • Virtex was the story of a cybernetic cowboy that chased outlaws through a time-amalgamated wasteland. An interesting gimmick was played out in the 3rd issue of the 3-part story "Divine Intervention" where the issue shipped with 3 versions: #3A, #3B, #3C, each with a different ending.
  • The Wonderlanders proclaimed "What Happens When Fairy Tales Grow Up?" Merging the worlds of C. S. Lewis, L. Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll with Capcom and Saturday Morning cartoons. King Layoran and his team of Wonderlanders come to Earth to stop the evil Fenris and his team of evil Wonderlanders. The first story arc has gone uncompleted.
  • Wisp was Oktomica's "horror" book - a team of specialists protect our reality from a rip in dimensions that has allowed an evil race into our world. Wisp leads the team against villains that enter our bodies physically through our mouths. Wisp only had one issue release but #1 had a variant cover by Kevin Nowlan.


Oktomica is notable for its high-production values in coloring and printing and graphic design. It is also of note that all 3 artists went on to bigger projects.

After Oktomica

Virtex evolved into a flash-animated series at also now defunct An action figure was planned as well. It has since been reappeared in Digital Webbing Presents.[2]



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