Number (番狗―ナンバー―?) is a Japanese manga series by Kawori Tsubaki. Originally starting serialization in the shōjo magazine Comic Blade Avarus published by Mag Garden in December 2007.


In an organization of professional killers called Thanatos, there exists an elite assassin. Fighting for the ranking of No. 1, the curtain rises on a battle fought with blood over blood.


Toneriko Furoribanda (トネリコ フロリバンダ Furoribanda Toneriko?) , Seiyū - Romi Park (Drama CD)
The main protagonist. Toneriko is the Number 5 ranked hitman of the Thanatos. In Chapter 1, it was shown that his family was killed by Tekirai ten years ago, when he was just a child and for that reason he joined the guild. He has two weapons, which are pistols called 'Evergreen'.
Tekirai (テキライ Tekirai?) , Seiyū - Konishi Katsuyuki (Drama CD)
Tekirai is the Number 1 ranked hitman of the Thanatos. He was the one who killed Toneriko's family ten years ago. Because of his established position, he is said to be the closest person to Yggdrasil. He bears a long sword on his back called 'World End'.
Araragi ( Araragi?)
Aralag is the Number 3 ranked hitman of the Thanatos.
Sakura (錯等 Sakura?)
Sakura is the Number 4 ranked hitman of the Thanatos.
Ageha (アゲハ Ageha?) , Seiyū - Daisuke Ono (Drama CD)
Mizuto Mikuria (水都 ミクリア Mizuto Mikuria?)
A friend of Toneriko's who has the ability to heal injuries. He is currently working as a gardening apprentice.
Edelweiss (エーデルワイス Ederuwaisu?)
Araragi's "marionette" who wears a maid's outfit.
Anzu ( Anzu?)
Anzu is the Number 9 ranked hitman of Thanatos. "Her" weapon is a parasol that can shoot spikes from the tip. It was revealed in chapter 8 that "she" is a "he", and "she" is a cross-dresser.
Akagane (アカガネ Akagane?)
Akagane is part of an organization against Thanatos,Mitsubachi, composed of ex-Numbers. He was formerly No.3. He infiltrates Number in chapter 10 to kill No.8 and No.7, but is driven off by Toneriko.
She is No.6.She is also a cross-dresser.

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