Nozomi Witches (のぞみ♡ウィッチィズ Nozomi Uicchizu?), sometimes also called Bewitching Nozomi, is a manga series by Toshio Nobe which was adapted into a three episode anime OVA series in 1992. Because Mitsuru Adachi did the character designs for the OVA series, it is sometimes mistakenly attributed as one of his works.


Nozomi is a beautiful former actress who moves back to Japan from New Zealand. Upon arriving, she meets her fellow high school student neighbor Ryōtarō, and decides he needs to join the high school boxing club.





  • Volume 1, TSL-5, ¥5800, September 21, 1994
  • Volume 2, TSL-6, ¥5800, October 21, 1994
  • Volume 3, TSL-7, ¥5800, November 21, 1994
  • Volume 1-3 collection, TSL-58, ¥9800, May 21, 1996


Nozomi Witches Sound Movie
Drama CD[2].
Nozomi Witches
Toei, TOCT-6290, September 27, 1991, ¥3000[3].
Nozomi Witches Original Soundtrack
Toei/TM Factory, TOCT-6639, August 26, 1992, ¥3000[3].


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