Noriko Ohara (小原乃梨子, Ohara Noriko), born Noriko Tobe (戸部法子, Tobe Noriko) on October 2, 1935 in Tokyo, is a veteran seiyū. She is currently represented by Production Baobab. Her son is Sunrise animator Atsuo Tobe (戸部敦夫, Tobe Atsuo).

She is most well-known for the roles of Nobita Nobi (Doraemon), Doronjo (Yatterman), Conan (Future Boy Conan), Peter (Alps no Shoujo Heidi), and Oyuki (Urusei Yatsura) and Claudia LaSalle from Super Dimension Fortress Macross. In the first ever Seiyū Awards in 2007, she won the best achievement award.

Notable voice roles


he:נוריקו אוהארהru:Охара, Норико tl:Noriko Ohara vi:Ohara Noriko

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