Noizi Ito (いとうのいぢ Itō Noiji?, or Noiji Ito) (born August 9, 1977) is a Japanese manga and game artist from Hyōgo, Japan. She is employed by the H-game maker UNiSONSHIFT and is a part of the circle Fujitsubo-Machine. Unlike most romanized Japanese words and names, Noizi Ito's name uses the Kunrei-shiki romanization form.


Ito is well known for her work as the character designer and artist for the Shakugan no Shana novel series which spawned a manga and anime series. She has also worked on the Haruhi Suzumiya series along with its author Nagaru Tanigawa. Their work has also led to an anime titled after the first book in the series, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. She has recently started a manga series called Bee-be-beat it! which was introduced in volume 1 of the Dragon Age Pure magazine. She has worked on three adult game projects for UNiSONSHIFT. The first was Nanatsuiro Drops, released in 2006, followed by the Alice in Wonderland themed Alice Parade, released in 2007, and Flyable Heart, released in 2009. She also was the artist in the adult games Peace@Pieces and Forget Me Not, as well Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe. Outside of UNiSONSHIFT, she has recently worked as one of the illustrators for Flight-Plan's DS game Shining Force Feather.


Be-reave (1999)
Wasurenagusa Forget-Me-Not (2002)
Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe (2003)
Peace@Pieces (2004)
Under UNISONSHiFT Blossom
Nanatsuiro Drops (2006)
Alice Parade (2007)
Flyable Heart (2009)
Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete (2010)
Non-visual novel
Shining Force Feather (2009)

Art books


Over the years, Fujitsubo-Machine has produced several art books featuring art by Noizi Ito. The publishing company MediaWorks published Guren: Ito Noizi Art Collection (いとうのいぢ画集「紅蓮」?) on January 27, 2005. Kaen: Ito Noizi Art Collection II (いとうのいぢ画集 II「華焔」?) was released on August 7, 2007. Sōen: Ito Noizi Art Collection III (いとうのいぢ画集 III「蒼炎」?) was released on August 10, 2009. Haruhi-ism Ito Noizi Illustration (いとうのいぢ画集 ハルヒ主義?) was released on April 30, 2009.

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