No. 5 (ナンバーファイブ Number 5?) is a Japanese manga created by Taiyo Matsumoto. Originally serialized in Ikki, a Seinen anthology manga magazine. It ran for eight complete volumes.

Viz Media, who beforehand had published Matsumoto's Black & White (and later Blue Spring), released the first English-translated volume in a dust-jacket format closer to Western comics standards. The second volume was released in 2003, but due to incredibly bad sales (roughly less than 1000 copies of both volumes together sold), the series was instantly discontinued. Neither volume received a second printing run, and so is believed to be a rare manga in today's market.


  • Volume 1
  1. desert
  2. flowers
  3. cemetery
  4. restaurant
  • Volume 2
  1. forest
  2. villa
  3. village
  4. park
  • Volume 3
  1. wonder land
  2. snow field
  3. vision
  4. many places
  • Volume 4
  1. fifteen years ago
  2. ten years ago
  3. gone days
  4. cottage
  • Volume 5
  1. mountain
  2. chase
  3. chase 2
  4. chase 3
  5. fight
  • Volume 6
  1. monologue
  2. darkness
  3. conference room
  4. on TV
  5. east

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