Ninja Rabbits is a 1991 video game by MicroValue. The game was followed by International Ninja Rabbits.


The protagonist is a tall, anthropomorphic, anonymous rabbit with dark brown fur, a stick, and a ninja costume. He has to save a factory from destruction.

File:The Ninja Rabbit Character.png


File:Ninja Rabbits Gameplay.png

The protagonist is a tall, anthropomorphic, anonymous rabbit with dark brown fur, a ninja costume, and a stick. He has a carrot as a life bar. As he takes damage, his carrot bar gets smaller. When his health bar is empty, he falls to the grounds and loses a life. He starts the game with 3 lives. He can go only to the right but sometimes down into sewers. He can use either his hands, feet, or stick to attack. Enemies include flying dragons, street thugs, other ninja, bears, frogs, and other anthropomorphic animals.


Despite having an interesting premise, Ninja Rabbits suffers from many problems. Home of the Underdogs considers Ninja Rabbits to be horrendous due to bad controls, very easy gameplay, drab background palletes, and slow animations. According to Home of the Underdogs, some developers never learn. Therefore, Home of the Underdogs categorizes Ninja Rabbits as a "Real Dog".


  • The sequel, International Ninja Rabbits, despite being released two years later, does not have much improvement. Only the graphics were upgraded.


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