Nina Matsumoto is a Japanese-Canadian comic book artist and writer, also known as space coyote, and most known for creating the comic book series Yōkaiden for Del Rey Manga. She created the webcomic Saturnalia and has also done work as a penciller for Bongo Comics. She is currently working as the artist on the upcoming The Last Airbender movie pre-quel manga for Del Rey Manga.[1]

Rise to fame

Matsumoto first came to the attention of the comic industry through her widely distributed artwork Simpsonzu, a manga stylized parody artwork of The Simpsons cast.[2] After the image was picked up by digg,[3] it became one of the most popular deviations ever submitted to DeviantArt [4] and caught the attention of Bongo Comics as well as editor Dallas Middaugh of Del Rey Manga.[5][6] Middaugh read Matsumoto's long-running webcomic Saturnalia and then invited her to submit a proposal which became the graphic novel Yōkaiden. [7]





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