Script error Nihongami is one of many traditional Japanese hairstyles, dating to the Edo period, today most often seen on maiko (geisha apprentices). Traditionally, two sides of the hair stick out until it curves to the back. The hair is pulled in the back as well in the front.

Other maiko hairstyles include Wareshinobu (only worn during the actual apprenticeship, with a round curve on the top and sides and a round bun in the middle), Ofuku, Yakko-shimada, Katsuyama, and Sakko. Gion Kobu maiko wear a special hairstyle for the Miyako Odori.

Nihongami requires special combs and supplies, such as a special wax called Bintsuke. Kanzashi, special hair ornaments, usually accompany this style.

Eventually, a maiko often gets a bald spot on the crown of her head from the continued tugging and from scratching the roots with kanzashi tips.

Other Japanese hairstyles:

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