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Nihon Bungeisha (株式会社日本文芸社 Kabushiki Kaisha Nihon Bungeisha?), or Nichibun (にちぶん?), is a book and magazine publisher established in 1959 and based in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.


  • Weekly Manga Goraku
  • Bessatsu Manga Goraku
  • Manga Goraku Nexter
  • Golf Lesson Comic
  • Manga Pachinko Dairenshō
  • Manga Pachisuro Dairenshō
  • Hissatsu Pchisuro Fan
  • Keiba Gold
  • Illust Logic
  • Skeleton Club
  • Conbini Comic Kawaguchi Hiroshi Tankentai Mikaku Ninseibutsu no 5-banashi

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