Natsuki Sumeragi (皇名月 or 皇なつき Sumeragi Natsuki?, born 1967-08-21 at Osaka) is a Japanese mangaka. She graduated from Ritsumeikan University with a degree in Japanese literature. She is famous for portraying Chinese and Korean history in her works. She currently lives in Kyoto.



  • Hananokoe (花情曲?)
  • Butterfly Lovers (梁山伯と祝英台 Ryosanpaku to Shukueidai?)
  • Richo angyoki (李朝・暗行記?)
  • Toukagen kitan (桃花源奇譚?)
  • An Actor's Journal (燕京伶人抄 Peking reijin shou?)
  • Koto no kishi no moto (黄土の旗幟のもと?)
  • An Actor's Journal 2 (燕京伶人抄 弐 女兒情 Peking reijin shou 2?)
  • Rensen - Hananokoe yowa (恋泉 花情曲余話?)
  • The Emperor and the Assassin (始皇帝暗殺 Shikoutei ansatsu?)
  • Yama no sumu kami (山に住む神?)
  • Delta in the Darkness (黒猫の三角 Kuroneko no sankaku?), story by Hiroshi Mori
  • Archaic Chain (アルカイック・チェイン?)
  • Yume Genji Tsurugi no Saimon (夢源氏剣祭文?), story by Koike Kazuo


Novel illustrations

Illustration Collection

  • Gashu (画趣?)

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